Early-Spring Favorites

It’s officially spring!! And here in the Rockies and that means thunder, lightning, rain, hail and snow all in the same day. This week has been marked for me by both the crazy weather and the Budget Bill being up in the legislature.

I wanted to put up an “Easter Favorites” post to milk the last bit of holiday fun possible, but last weekend Tim and I spent too much time partying for me to have the chance to work on a post. On Saturday night we went to an MC Chris show at Denver’s Summit Music Hall. MC Chris, not exactly my cup of tea, BUT I still had a fantastic time. A much better time than I was expecting (which could have something to do with a substantial amount of pre-gaming, but who’s really keeping tabs?). And it made my heart so happy to see Tim have such a great time, that I didn’t care about anything else.


There he is, MC Chris, alive and in-person.

The show ended kind of early and we were already downtown, so we went and danced our faces off at our favorite Denver club Tracks until the wee hours. Then the next day we planned and executed an Easter egg hunt in our apartment, complete with a few plastic eggs filled with cat treats for Callie. 😸


So anyway, this is some of what I’m loving most in this early springtime:

Foam Roller

I realize I’m a little late to the party here, but omg foam rolling 😍 As an avid gym-goer and at-home workout enthusiast I do all sorts of things that make my body preeeety sore at least twice a week. After graduating from undergrad and taking the time to work a good deal of exercise back into my lifestyle, I lost weight, gained energy, and generally have just felt much better. However, about six months in my lower back/upper glute muscles started to get so tight that I was feeling a constant, dull pain.

I have always been notoriously bad at stretching; in this case though, the tightness in my muscles got to be so annoying that I started to research ways I could remedy it. In addition to a variety of yoga-based stretches (like pigeon, for example) many articles I read recommended a good way to loosen the gluteus medius muscle was with a tennis ball or foam roller. I tried the tennis ball method, and while it seemed to be able to work some knots out, it was too tedious a method for me. So I broke down and ordered a foam roller off of amazon ($12, thanks amazon!) and have been using it a few times a week in addition to regular stretching.


This might be the best thing I’ve ever done to help with soreness and pain. I know that the science surrounding mayofascial release is iffy and I’m not trying to make any sort of argument for foam rolling other than it feels good and feels like it’s doing good things for my glutes/hips.

No more living with a constant pain-in-the-butt!

High Rep-Moderately Heavy Strength Training

In keeping with the topic of fitness for a minute, lately I’ve been working on incorporating more workouts into my week that hit that sweet spot between high reps and heavy weights. I find these workouts to be the best for increasing my strength while still getting enough of an aerobic workout in to feel like I really did something in the gym. That’s the problem for me with heavy lifting-low-rep sessions, they exhaust the muscle groups I’m working, but I don’t feel like they are hard enough. Granted, I’m not lifting 1/3 or 1/2 of my body weight (yet!) because I’m not at that level. Plus, I like mixing my cardio and strength training together whenever possible.

I’ve been loving workouts like this one of my favorite fitness blogs Pumps&Iron done with heavy kettle bells. This Popsugar workout is on my love list too for its dynamic, full-body moves, although I used heavier weights than the 5-to-10 pounders the article suggests. And finally this workout from another one of my favorite fitness blogs, Lushious Lifts, for a great in-the-gym lower body routine that can also be done at home!

My new purple combat boots!

DSW has done it again. I needed shoes that could withstand the spring snow while also being versatile enough to wear with shorts and dresses on warmer days. But more importantly, last Saturday I needed shoes ASAP that were cute, warm, and easy to dance in before our concert/club night AND that went with the outfit I already had planned.

That led me to these babies.


Ghost-white legs aside.

My store carried them in brown, grey, black and as seen here, purple. Duh I had to get the purple! Appropriate for spring while still totally capable of keeping my feet warm. YUS.

You can find similar styles here [heeled!] and here [lace+crochet].

My take one the hugely popular Mexi-bowl recipe

Obsessing over Mexican-inspired food isn’t anything new for me, but lately it may have be getting a little out of control. I just love the customizable burrito-bowl concept made popular by restaurants like Chipotle and while my versions are not even close to Chipotle, they’re still pretty good for homemade.

There are so many different directions you can go with this concept:

With quinoa – From Andie Mitchell

As a salad – From Eating Bird Food

Buffalo Style – From Damn Delicious

The possibilities are endless, and to top it all off they are insanely easy to make.

To end, have you guys seen the Powerpuff Yourself website from Cartoon Network? You can make your own little version of a Powerpuff character. Any respectable millennial will be immediately excited by this possibility. Here are the two Tim and I made. Happy Spring!

animated.gifanimated (1)

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